ABC’s of AI in Hospitality 

What can AI really do for your properties?
Would you say your hotel is updated with the latest features technology has to offer? Well, if you have incorporated Big Data, Mobility, IoT, Chatbots and have even dabbled in VR, then I’d have to admit your property is doing a great job keeping up with these very tech savvy days. Technology however will never be done showing off its wonders and it’s time for you to take another step with AI.
Imagine using the potential of Machine Learning and AI software on a bigger scale, to bring an ever present entity for your brand, programmed expertly to offer your guests a greater Hotel Experience. There are so many guest-centric perks as well as practical pros for everyday hotel operations. Wow, where do I even start?! Alright, AI let’s see what you can do:
Simplify Check-in
AI can track your guests through facial recognition. Guests can walk right in through the door, check-in through the app, enter their room and settle in without having to wait in a long queue after a tiring journey. In fact, they can order food through the AI present in the room with just their voice. There won’t be any stress on the staff speaking with disgruntled guests, the AI’s only tone is polite and patient.
Give your Property a Voice
Most hotels these days have their own branded mobile apps, which guests can use to control in-room elements or to chat with an AI through text messages. Using the same principle, instead of using AI as a Chatbot, give your AI a voice. Then place your AI on a device in every room so your guests can reach their virtual concierge from anywhere at any time.  Instead of typing and reading long messages, guests can have an interactive conversation with your AI.



Personalize the Conversation
The coolest thing though about a talking AI is that you can program it to speak in various other languages and accents. This looks especially good when you’re housing a lot of tourists and international guests. Completely eliminate the language barrier between guests and staff by having your AI do all the translation. AI can adhere to all requests and complaints and relay it back to the concerned staff.
Free Your Staff
There will be one AI handling multiple calls at the same time, so your staff no longer has to stand by a phone at the front desk. AI immediately alerts the concerned staff who get to work straightaway. Guests can use the mobile app to check out all the facilities that your property has to offer and AI can use GPS to guide them from the app. 
Make Insightful Recommendations 
AI will have access to all stored guest information like loyalty offers used, purchase history and recorded preferences. So whenever a guest may ask the AI what they could do to pass the time or which restaurant they should go to, AI can access the huge pool of data that Big Data has sifted through to offer personalized leisure or F&B packages to the guests in Real-time. It can also recommend visiting a landmark or event in the region and can even schedule a cab to drive them there and back.
Optimize Seasonal Rates
AI will begin to know your guests better than your staff. While most hotels already set tailored rates for big holiday seasons like Eid, Christmas and New Year, other holidays are often left out. AI will recognize those guests that travel every year for a certain holiday or a planned event that pops up in the region. Let’s say a guest is a big fan of Halloween and always makes a trip for a big Halloween party every year. AI will pick up on that and more.



Improve Energy Management
AI can keep a close eye on your energy use and will work to better manage it. Dimming down lights in unused corridors, regulating air conditioners, routers and devices in an empty room. Using Big Data’s resource tracking, AI can determine what updates and repairs need to come first. Safety and energy saving is a big concern and always should be.  
The AI Experience
Every IT solution within the property helps your AI get better. AI knows all and sees all but do not be afraid of its capability - unlike Sauron’s all Seeing Eye, the AI is well-trained and accurately programed. It only wants to help you with your hotel operations and wishes to delight and satisfy your guests.
Every hotel wishes to provide the best of technology. Being on top of the tech game is essential, especially now in a world where technology exists all around us. Your guests live in a technological world and they do not expect it to be any different while staying in your hotel. AI can unify all your assets and simplify work for your staff. Give it a shot.

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