Bring on the AI Chatbots

AIs were always here, now you can chat with them
If you’re still under the impression that customers expect to have a human answer a support call, then you may just need to reconsider. To them, support doesn’t always have to come from a human, especially when they need a few simple questions answered allowing them to deal with the issue themselves without any unnecessary exchange of a polite conversation.
In any industry - be it Banking, Retail, Insurance or Aviation, any corporate that has to deal with customers before or after a Sale or Service, the customer is always the king. While a good CRM will help you manage a good customer relationship, there is another element that can help you double your efforts in this matter. Consider AI Chatbots.
Chatbots isn’t an unfamiliar word - the little pop-up box on a website that helps visitors with simple questions. But add AI to your traditional Chatbot and behold – a whole new world of tremendous possibilities. An AI Chatbot can give you move than just a web chat interface. You can now have your AI Chatbot interact and connect with your customers through Emails, SMS and Voice Communication.

Give it a Chance
If you have already taken to a sweet CRM system, then you already know how easy it is for your employees to communicate customer data between their multiple departments at any hour. But you will also know how your employees need to make calls to your customers to fill in the CRM, this is getting a little more challenging as more and more of your customers would rather respond online than answer a long call.
Connecting AI Chatbots to your CRM will simplify things like you would not believe! Your team puts in a lot of time and effort into compiling valuable customer data, this information however can change based on your customers changing tastes. An AI Chatbot can edit this stored information with just a few simple and quick exchange of text messages with your customers.
Another thing AI Chatbots can do is boosting your Social CRM capabilities. While Social CRM can send messages to your customers on their Social Media pages, it still needs to be thought out by employees who need to understand the data in the CRM and compose a text. But an AI Chatbot is already prepared - it will know exactly what a customer would be delighted by and will immediately contact them by itself before a human could even notice an opportunity.


You’ll be glad you did
Every time your AI Chatbot interacts with a client, it will learn something new and will immediately update the CRM. Once noted, the CRM will alert the Chatbot about any new promotion or service that the customer may want to know about and so CRM can instantly send a message through SMS or social media messaging.
AI Chatbots can also be set to pop up on your website anytime a visitor pops in and if it succeeds to impress the visitor by answering any queries they have and providing them with accurate and relevant information, then hey you just got yourself a new client. This will lead to more frequent visits and eventually a larger client database.
Greater still however is the work of AI Chatbots in actual customer service - the room where you hear a dozen phones ringing. The AI Chatbots clear simple queries that don’t need any human interactions and determine which customers have the most complex issues and hand those calls over to humans who now thanks to the AI Chatbot are not overwhelmed with multiple calls and can focus on the most complicated issues only.

Watch your Business Boom
You now have a regularly updated CRM, stress-free employees who can easily communicate any and all customer information seamlessly among themselves and rising profits not only from gaining more satisfied customers but also from reducing calls and not having to train more employees in customer service.
With AI Chatbots and CRM working together, you can explore more untapped potential of reaching future and current customers. With AI Chatbots, you can even be available to all your customers around the whole at any time of the day. Your employees won’t have to stay up for days or work multiple shifts to cover a 24/7 Customer Service when Chatbots are on the job.
All in all, you will definitely see great lasting benefits from incorporating a capable and unique AI Chatbot. It keeps your customers and employees both happy. Best of all, you won’t have to give your Chatbot a raise when it does a good job. 

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