Explore the Wonders of Augmented Reality

Retail explores all new ways to attract customers with the dreamlike technology of AR.
There are two kinds of shoppers in this world. The first are the ones who constantly wander about in malls for hours together just looking for something they aren’t quite sure they need until they finally stumble upon it. On the other hand, we have the ones who know exactly what they’re looking for and take to shopping online to get the quickest results.
Be it one way or another, shoppers will always face either the inconvenience of harrowingly long queues or the imminent disappointment at receiving an item which looks much different from the picture they saw online. The most banal drawback is the time spent either wandering about or browsing online. Engage your unhappy customers with new innovative technology that can dramatically improve their shopping experience.
The Magic Mirror
Implementing AR into your store should be easy. Add screens inside your store for customers who can stand before it and browse your entire catalogue on it. Shoppers can simply step up to the screen and pick an outfit from shoes to accessories. AR lets them see how the selection would look on them.



This feature is perfect for those shoppers who have no time to spare, not for long queues to the dressing room or to peruse the entire store. It also gives shoppers who prefer online shopping the same solitude while visiting the store in person to get that perfect fit.
The whole experience is just a lovely reason for shoppers to enter your store and play with the AR fitting option. Draw hesitant shoppers into your store and give them a fun new way to ‘window shop’ and maybe even make a sale by including available sizes, colors and stock numbers for every item on the screen.
The Looking Glass
Unlike with clothes, shoppers can never be sure whether a certain furniture will fit in with the rest of their home décor. They may make the measurements and pick out the color scheme but sometimes it just won’t go with the actual space of their home.
Offer your customers an AR solution that lets them download your app and view your entire catalogue on their phones. A great perk for AR is that it really doesn’t need any extra hardware. All you need to work on is the program or the software - and the shoppers can access your AR shopping experience through their very own Smart phone.



This feature is fabulous and most useful when it comes to home décor. They can pick out the furniture or any other home décor piece you have to offer and use the AR feature to see just how perfectly it can tie up their room. Color, size and type - they can see it as though it were right in front of them.
The Treasure Map
Empower your shoppers with an AR Map that can give directions which can lead shoppers to each selected item within the store. They can view this map on their phones to navigate their way through your store. This feature can be used to turn something as boring and mundane as grocery shopping into a fun interactive experience for all shoppers.
Grocery shopping is just shoppers with carts looking at their lists and picking out the necessities. With AR, you can give them something a little extra. No, not by having prices, expiration dates and calorie count pop up next to the items; those already come with the box. Go the extra mile - have recipes pop up next to the item. Shoppers can see what other ingredients they need to pick up and use the map within their phone to find said ingredients.
You can even boost loyalty by having promotions pop up alongside the aisles. Offer coupons for their next visit to the store or have them navigate through the map to pick up virtual vouchers that they can cash in at the counter. You never know what else could catch their eye as they find their way within the map – more delicious looking recipes or something they forgot to add to the shopping list.



The New Reality
AR is neither something new, nor is it an unreliable technology that you should be skeptical about. This technology is the reason people open their Snapchat when they’re bored - the filters are all AR. Pokemon Go - ring any bells? That’s AR too! Quite popular and very capable when it comes to engaging its users.
Soon AR will become the new norm. Use it for its hidden potential and treat it like what it is, a new adventure for you and your shoppers. Remember: the more creative you get with AR, the more possibilities you can explore.

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