Hotel Agents triumph over AI Chatbots

Humans are fascinated with AI, just not enough to be catered by them
Ever text your friend asking if they’re free for lunch instead of calling them up? Just makes more sense right? They can check their schedule on their phones and text back instantly.  Yes, everyone prefers texting now, it’s faster, simpler and easier on anxiety. You can even convey emotions through emojis! That’s how times have changed, most people prefer texting over calling, including your guests.
Everyone knows what Chatbots are right? They’re quite the popular technology especially with Enterprise, Banking and Retail. And as impressive as Chatbots are, they continue to level up - with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. AI Chatbots are being integrated with company websites faster than any other trending technology.[1]
While AI Chatbots have proved themselves very beneficial in situations like customer service, there is one sector where no matter how efficient, accurate and time saving it may be, people still prefer an actual human’s voice over a well-programed bot: the Hospitality industry.[2]



Bot vs Human
Chatbots respond immediately to any queries that come its way. It works by recognizing certain keywords and hits a snag every time there appears to be a spelling error or by the absence of certain keywords. It can, however, gather personal contact information so the right agent can contact the person seeking help.
AI Chatbots don’t need keywords and aren’t deterred by misspelled words. They are programed to understand human speech and can reply to multiple queries simultaneously. They are fast, accurate and well-informed, they do not need any knowledge from humans to answer any queries. They do however lack in building an emotional connection with the customer - something that is a necessity, especially in the Hotel industry.



Make it Personal
Texts have a more personal touch to them, that’s why chatting with a human feels more real than chatting with a bot. AI Chatbots can give your guests all the information they need with lightning speed. It also doesn’t need breaks or vacation days. But as a hotel, your first priority should be your guests and your guests don’t want to chat with a voice with no heart – no matter how smart and accurate it is.
Using Live Chat to engage your guests humanizes your brand and acts as a welcoming hand to your guests. With hotels, guests need to hear it straight from the staff. Every Hotel Agent can handle more than a couple of guests concurrently. It may not be as many as an AI Chatbot, but it is an honest and wholesome exchange that makes the guest feel important and heard.


A Human Touch
Use Live Chat to your advantage by giving your Guests some freedom. They can order room service on Live Chat, they can book spa appointments on Live Chat, and they can even ask whether the pool is open yet on the Live Chat. Live Chat can do everything without ever having to pick up the phone. Very helpful for shy guests who get too apprehensive to make a call. They feel bolder and less self-conscious through texts.
With Live Chat, you can be there for your guests in Real-time. Walk them through anything they need on your property. Give them free WiFi and they can reach your right from their mobile devices. Agents can soothe your guests and attend to their grievances by swiftly sending the right staff to their rescue.



Hotel Staff for the Win
Agents may have years of experience under their belt. They will know what the guest expects without having to be reminded. If a request is made by the guest, an AI Chatbot can understand what the request is and send the right staff but an agent will know the underlying wish a guest may have and add some extra delights for the guest during their stay.
The bond that exists between the staff and the guests is a different kind of feeling. It is real empathy from the staff that fills the guests with gratitude during their entire stay and it is that continued relationship that keeps bringing the guests back.



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