Improve Business with PMS Upgrades

Find out how upgrading your Property Management System can optimize your workflow
The PMS solutions we find today have come a long way from their decade old counter parts. Modern solutions offer a range of mobility never thought possible before - allowing you to conduct your business with ease.
On the Cloud
The cloud makes on-site servers a dispensable expense, making it a cheaper and a more beneficial platform to have in place. It also offers a greater range of scalability with ease. Using the Cloud, you can:
  • Manage all your operations on one platform
  • Access real-time data and data analytics
  • Conduct business off-site via remote viewing
  • Automate everyday tasks

PMS on Handhelds
With increased mobility, you can proactively approach your guests rather than being chained to the Front Desk. Mobile PMS enables you to easily embrace the paperless and cashless future - making Front Desks with their long queues obsolete. It is capable of providing guest profile anytime, anywhere increasing the productivity of your establishment.
OTA Optimization
Online Travel Agencies (OTA) dominate the online booking world. There are an insane number of OTAs out there; making sure your hotel is listed on each of them is hard as it is. Then comes the double bookings and ill-optimized prices which negatively affects your business revenue. The modern PMS can offer you:
  • Real time connectivity with OTAs
  • Rates that are constantly updated with each shift in parameters
  • Ability to reflect uniform information across all sources

Data and Data Analytics
By integrating your PMS with other essential Hotel Management software such as CRM and Revenue Management, you can bring together the right data and automate the analysis process. With introduction of cloud, this is made far more economical and easy compared to native PMS. It provides a wide array of information that the user can stay on top of, enabling him to deal with problems swiftly thus enhancing productivity and efficiency.
The Edge You Deserve
The modern Property Management System offers more scalability, increased mobility, more streamlined operations at a lower cost and half the manpower. Utilizing technological advances is the key to getting a competitive edge. If your numbers aren’t looking up, you might be due for an upgrade.

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