Meet APC’s Smart UPS with Smart Connect

Manage your UPS through Cloud Solution!
That’s right! No more fear of unexpected UPS system failures or silent nightmares about possible financial consequences caused by said system faults. You can now personally keep an eye on the safety net yourself at any place and any time.
For the first time ever, enterprises can monitor their UPS through the Cloud courtesy of the SmartConnect feature of APC’s Smart UPS. The opportunity to actively and successfully manage the health of their UPS systems is finally in their grasp.
Installed on select new UPS models, APC guarantees standard functionality on their Smart UPS products, ensuring a safe and dependable supply of power. No extra hardware or software is needed to set up.
In fact, set up is complete in 3 simple steps -
  1. Install UPS & attach SmartConnect port to your network
  2. Scan QR code on device used for UPS access
  3. Create an account to manage your Smart UPS
 Smart UPS models come with a standard built-in Ethernet port and are compatible with major Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platforms.

As SmartConnect works on Cloud, APC can now provide their customers with advanced security, mobile support and many features on-the-go.
Thanks to cloud connectivity and easy installation, customers have accessibility through their account on any mobile device as long as they have a network connection. This obviously comes with ample security so that the right personnel can access the Smart UPS. 


More features that come with monitoring through a secure web portal includes customers enjoying automatic updates on matters like UPS status and power infrastructure recommendations. Therefore, firmware updates are guaranteed to keep the Smart UPS equipped with the latest technology and thus, reinforcing security.
As an added bonus, customers can even extend the lifespan of their Smart UPS with pro-active life alerts that they receive for things like firewall update, device maintenance and warranty protection.
And the best benefit of all, take delight with a relaxed and focused mind.
Smart UPS is helping transform SMEs who lack in large dedicated IT departments. This technology allows them to leverage power of connection and level the playing field. Using this new digital setup, customers can design notification and updates as per their wishes and foresee likely needs for the future.
All in all, a healthy UPS is a happy UPS and a happy UPS is a booming enterprise.

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