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Put your money in Kiosks and your customers will too.
It’s good to see your cafés and F&B outlets doing well. Seeing crowd after crowd rushing in and falling into long lines before your counter. I’m sure you’ve trained your employees well enough to handle your ever efficient POS systems alongside serving your impatient, hungry customers. While large crowds do show evidence of a booming business, it can also bring out reasons for worry.
Crowds could become bothersome enough for both your customers and your employees. A small number of employees could find it hard to keep up with orders form a huge crowd and customers could walk by and see the impossibly long queue and immediately decide to eat elsewhere. Save yourself the trouble of hiring and training more employees and avoid the risk of losing potential customers. Invest in kiosks.



Reinvent your Stores
Installing kiosks inside or right outside your store can lead to increasing orders. Instead of customers running away from crowded lines at the cashier, they can order right at the door and beat the crowd. Also having kiosks in the store means thinning lines at the counter too. The more the kiosks, the freer the employees.
This now means that your employees are able to focus on other things. From welcoming guests to prepping orders, to clearing out tables, arranging papers and inviting more customers. You will never have a low staff issue with kiosks taking the bulk of the orders. Scattering queues means there is more room within your establishment for guests to settle in.
Kiosks are also a great way to broadcast your brand. An impressive Kiosk would do well just to attract customers, their need to spend money and satisfy their tongues will do the rest. Use your Kiosks to beat your competition, make it your own by designing it so it can act as a fine and permanent piece of advertising. Program it to be innovative yet practical, it’ll keep customers coming simply to place an order through your kiosk.


Attract More Customers
Everything from interior design to the menu of your outlet is built to satisfy your customers. Yes, you include your brand image too but it is all still aimed at the customer. But what really makes them happy in the F&B landscape? Accurate orders, speedy payments, quick food arrival and crowd control.
With kiosks, you can give them all of that and more. Kiosks can take orders right from the customers themselves, so there is no miscommunication and orders cannot go wrong. Payments can be done right there through the kiosks either through direct cash or card.
Bringing out the orders however, can go either way. You can either have a separate pickup counter - when a number flashes on your screens, customers can come and collect their trays when their order is up! But if you’re aiming to deliver more of a dining experience, then have your employees bring the food out right to the customer’s table.



Serve Them Better
Kiosks can be programmed to display in any language selected by the customer - this all round improves the customer’s ordering experience and is super useful in any society. But most importantly Kiosks are great for those shy and anxious customers who prefer to place an order with minimal human interaction.  
Let customers compare the prices between individual orders and meals. Allowing them to view their order before placing it also gives more options and helps them make an informed decision on how much they are willing to spend. Also adopting the latest technology is also inviting to that tech savvy generation that will give you a great review after they arrive, order, eat and leave all on their own time.



Place the cherry on top
Kiosks are a big investment, they need to be programmed and maintained just like your POS systems. By connecting Kiosks to your POS you can collect more data for customer spending and preference reports. This data can be used to customize your menu, meal deals and lets you improve your Gift & Loyalty offers.
Customers can truly enjoy privacy and convenience throughout their ordering experience. And between the Kiosk, POS system and the KDS, orders are handled flawlessly so the customers never have to complain about wrong orders or cold, delayed meals. Gaining customers seems almost too easy with the presence of Kiosks.

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