Smart Classrooms thrive with IoT

Transcend traditional techniques of teaching
With the steady integration of IoT into sectors like Business and Medicine, the Internet of Things (IoT) will eventually become the Internet of Everything (IoE). The most humble integration of this technology is happening in the Education sector.
The fascinating thing about IoT is you have all these mundane objects around you - at home, at school, in the car and they all have a role to play. IoT lets these objects ‘talk’ to each other - every device with a sensor can collect data and all this data is filtered by IoT to compile relevant information which can immediately be used to simplify everyday tasks for you.
The beauty of it is that you do not have to automate anything or set any commands, the technology processes data and provides solutions, makes appointments or sends alerts. It can even propose new schedules specifically tailored for your convenience. It’s like having a roommate who knows exactly what you need without you having to ask.
Elevate your Assets
Teachers and students are what make an institute and to succeed as a top school, your students need to shine. Making sure you provide them with the best opportunities is how you get there. Invest in smart devices, they are reusable and cut your stationary costs dramatically. Have your teachers link their devices with their students’ and give them control over all the smart objects within the classroom.
With the presence of IoT, teachers don’t even have to try to get their students involved. Real-time learning makes it easy for teachers to monitor their students’ learning patters and their lesson plan success rates. Hold live pop quizzes and have IoT aggregate data to determine which of the students are thriving from what teaching methods. Progress reports can be used to make schedules for students who need the extra help.


With smart devices, students can access e-textbooks and view diagrams through augmented reality. Teachers can build an interactive learning environment with everything the internet can provide. They can also control what students view to keep them from getting distracted. 
IoT can also calculate each students’ biometric reports which can be used to create special physical activity routines and nutrition-focused meals. Teachers can even set the temperature through the IoT-connected thermostat based on Real-time student biometric analytics.
Educate in the Moment
IoT in Education can be of help to any classroom from students in kindergarten to universities. IoT allows students to attend class when they cannot physically do so. For students with medical conditions or family emergencies, IoT is a blessing.
Catch lectures and lessons through smart devices in Real-time. All learning material can be accessed anytime. Never have time wasted waiting for a lecturer to show up, IoT can send notifications about a rescheduled or cancelled class based on the professor’s Real-time location and change in their schedules.   
Students in higher education can learn with hands on experience through simulated practical tests, med students can view live operations happening across the ocean. They can even queue projects for 3D printing in another part of the campus without a command.
Run your Campus 
Getting started is easy. Attach sensors on standard objects and manage administration and clerical work seamlessly. Staff can now run the campus without actually having to be on it. With bus arrivals being tracked, gates can open automatically when buses approach the campus. Security guards don’t have to lock and unlock every classroom door before and after classes, IoT will handle it for them.
Schools facing budget cuts no longer need to fear cancelling extracurricular activities like art and music. Instead of buying expensive equipment for each student, they can use smart devices to teach using technology like augmented reality and music apps to teach students without the presence of physical equipment.
By connecting smart devices like tablets and Smart Boards teachers can engage their students with interactive learning techniques. For busy and forgetful students, IoT will send them alerts so they can have their work well in time to meet submissions. It can even prepare a schedule for team projects where members need to divide time for other priorities.


Ensure Safety
The hardest thing for parents to do is let their kids out of their sight. With IoT, that is no longer the case. With RFID chips in backpacks or ID cards parents and campus administration can keep an eye on their kids in real time. Very handy during a field trip.
Buses transporting students can be tracked and bus routes can be regulated. IoT can calculate speed, time and traffic to decide how long the journey will take. Parents can get Real-time alerts on their devices when the school bus will arrive for pick-up or drop-off, ensuring that their kid will never miss the bus.
An IoT-connected device means parents can also instantly contact their kids’ teachers in case of an emergency. They too enjoy Real-time communication with the school and ultimately their kids. Not missing out on classes means parents don’t have to worry about making sure their kids need to catch up on the curriculum as well.
In the Long Run
As more and more institutes plan to integrate IoT into their campuses, they see a change that’s going to stick. One that’s keeping both the students and the institutes satisfied. So much so, that more and more schools are making the shift. Ultimately, institutes find it a worthy decision to go Smart with their campuses.

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