There is Power in Mobility

Arm your hotel staff with solutions that redefine seamless hotel operations 
There is no other staff like that of a Hotel staff. Setting up every room on the property, managing every booking and reservation coming in from multiple online sites, compiling bills and engaging guests like they were born to - how do they do it? Cater to every wish and whim of every single guest? Well it can’t be easy without any help, tech-wise.
The PMS already contains every possible detail needed about guests, they include guest profiles and all their reservations and preferences, connect it to POS systems within the other stores and facilities within the property and bask in the collected knowledge. But without mobility, your staff is still shackled to a desk by wires and cables.
Start with the Fundamentals
The most obvious thing they need is clear and constant communication. This would mean they need to be well equipped with the essentials like POS and PMS systems. That paired with a secure and speedy network is a great start. But to really seize the potential for the best possible communication and hotel operation, take it one step further and include Mobility.


Bringing Mobility into your portfolio also means shifting all your operations to the Cloud. With PMS Cloud, all your properties are now sharing every shred of data your hotels possess. And with mobility, your staff can access it when attending to guests’ while on the move and not from behind a stationary counter. 
See Simplicity in Mobility
Taking on Mobility into your hotel shouldn’t even be up for debate. It is just an evolutionary step to improving hotel experience. Once you do commit to it, there are many delights that will come your way.
Speedy Check-in and Check-out:
Instead of having guests queue up at the front desk, greet them at the door right as they enter and check them in through your device.  The same works for check-outs as well. You can handle more guests in the same space therefore catering to them in a timelier manner so they won’t miss their flights.
Boost Staff Productivity:
Staff can receive Real-time updates and report to room calls and requests as and when they pop up. When staff carry mobile devices, they can get alerts and update statuses from anywhere on the property. Housekeeping can report immediately and would never have to keep the guests waiting. Avoid miscommunication among the staff as well.
Improve Restaurant Service:
Use mobile devices to take orders in restaurants, waiters can even recommend dishes to guests by connecting to Guest Profiles. They can also estimate how much time the order will need to be prepared by connecting to the Kitchen Display System.
Offer More Options:
When at a Spa or Golf course where guests are scattered, staff can take hotel mobile devices to them and offer more treats at the facility. Linking these devices to POS & PMS allows them to view guests’ Gift & Loyalty status to better serve and surprise them with extra delights.  
View Unified Postings:
Staff can make guest postings whenever and wherever the guests make a purchase within the property. Be it at a restaurant, spa or retail store, all billings are done without the presence of a cash counter and with just a mobile screen. Guests’ can view all their postings together when they check-out.
Create Real-time Analytics:
When Staff need to reach targets they can simply swipe their devices to check Real-time analytics and see what services and offers are working best. That combined with the ability to view Guest Profiles from anywhere comes in handy here for all Staff members.
Appease Guests with Mobility
While most of the perks of mobility is aimed to improve operations for your staff, there are instances where providing mobility for the guests would insurmountably help improve their guest experience as well.


Independent check-in and check-out:
Regular guests would be more than happy to check themselves in and out through a mobile device. They probably book the same room every time they visit and since they’ve been visiting here quite often, they know how it works.
Absolute Room Control:
Guests book a room so they can feel they have their own space. They will greatly appreciate the ability to work and control everything within the room without having to call for help, allowing them to relax comfortably. Place a mobile device in every room that lets guests control all the appliances within it.
Eliminate the Middle Man:
Guests will no longer need to call the front desk or concierge when they need housekeeping or room service. Instead they can use the mobile device within the room to request housekeeping or place an order. The kitchen and housekeeping staff will receive these requests directly instead of hearing it from the desk.
Trips to and fro the Airport:
Guests arriving from the airport can view the hotels mobile device in the car picking them up. They can see all the services available to them before they reach the property and make reservations for the duration of their stay. On their way back to the airport the hotel could receive valuable feedback from the guest, which guests will willingly fill as they are no longer preoccupied and can spare the time.


Take the Mighty Leap
Mobility is something the guests expect from a property. Though it is not something they demand overtly, hotels use this to increase guest satisfaction. Outside the hotel, everything is already mobile. Guests will book a room and make reservations at a property through their mobile devices and they expect this basic convenience to be available within the hotel too.
The hotel staff is a ridiculously big team who can make or break your brand name. Mobility will only help them improve hotel operation and Guest Experience. Really you can see the perks all clearly laid out for you, so what are you waiting for?

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