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Forcive Information Operating System is a completely redesigned new concept, architected explicitly to put data value in the core of all business operations. EpyDoc Ltd, the company behind Forcive, provides software and services to make your life easier. Because you shouldn’t have to maintain and grow multiple platforms when they all can be replaced by just one solution.

Why KIT for Forcive?

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KIT Offers Forcive Solutions:

  • Big Data

Dynamic Data Distribution

The Data Dynamic Distribution abstracts data from the underlying deployment options (On-Premises, Cloud or Hybrid), repositories (Hadoop and NoSQL) and storage media (from flash disk to tapes), to enable free movement of isolated data elements or data clusters within the virtualized data infrastructure, without any service interruption or data loss. It prevents data from being “locked-in” to specific technologies, providing a simple exit strategy for every decision related to deployment models, content and data repositories, or storage structures.

Dynamic Data Structures

Multi-structured data are complemented with dynamic metadata, dynamic information relationships and auditability. Structured, unstructured, or multi-structured data and content, can be enriched during their lifetime with multiple sets of metadata (describing their value and context) and data links (describing the logical relationships between data).

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Data Processes

Operational Processes are attached to Data (not vice versa) in order to deliver, among many other advantages, Data Provenance as an inherent feature. Unlike traditional Business Process Management systems, processes are directly associated with data, becoming effectively an additional form of metadata.

Access Control

Access Control and Security are directly associated with data, metadata, data relationships and audit trails, in real-time, regardless their physical location and logical organization.

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