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We are an established service and support provider which includes providing post-installation Support Services and helping you overcome any and all IT obstacles to ensure that your IT drives your business forward effectively.
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End-to-end Support Benefits

KIT's strong support infrastructure and support tools are designed to cover all aspects of an IT infrastructure maintenance. Our skilled and experienced Support Agents track, prioritize and solve your IT issues via our 24x7 Helpdesk. Below are only some of the many challenges we can assist you with.

Cloud Support

Keeping things afloat
  • Initial troubleshooting & Diagnositics
  • Support Logs & Communication with Vendors
  • Hardware Configuration & Troubleshooting
  • Interface and Local Reporting Support
  • Printing Functionality Support
  • Cloud Preventive Maintenance
  • Bridging Gaps between Hardware & Software

Hardware Support

We have our wrench handy
  • Resolving complex issues on a Helpdesk support
  • Standby-hardware to reduce Downtime
  • Active on-site Hardware Support
  • Preventive & System Maintenance to increase Product Life
  • On-site Hardware Failure Diagnostics
  • Sustaining Vendor-listed End-of-life Product
  • Resolving defects after Warranty expiration

Software Support

We speak the language of machines
  • Software Preventive Maintenance
  • Solving User-related Challenges
  • Research & Report of Software Malfunctions
  • Identify & Resolve Reporting and Functionality Issues
  • Consulting operations on DBA & OS maintenance
  • Software Enhancement & Security Updates
  • Enhancement of Standard System Operations

Virtualization Support

Virtually Foolproof
  • Monitor Systems on a Virtual Server
  • Higher Service Level on Manufacturer Warranty
  • Resolving Hardware Malfunctions through Warranty
  • Optimize & Manage Backup Systems
  • Proactive Maintenance & Monitoring Tools
  • Migrate & Replicate Virtual failure on-premise
  • Monitor Virtual Errors and Failure-rates

Certified Support Team

With KIT’s Support Services, you can be rest-assured that all our Support Agents are highly trained, experienced and well-equipped with strong support infrastructure and support tools. They follow industry standard, best-practices and also hold all necessary certifications.

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Experience Fewer Disruptions

We provide a periodic proactive checkup of the applications and/or associated hardware. Remote monitoring, management and fixing means that we proactively stop things from breaking and yet stay out of your way when something needs fixing.

Refined Relationships

One of the things that makes us different is not forgetting that we’re here to help you. This is enabled through our support ticketing systems for accountability and your reference. We strive to ensure that the services we deliver to you are the best they can possibly be. We give you access to free version upgrades, new software features and application enhancements.

Brands we support

We offer a comprehensive range of Support Packages and IT enhancement services for all sizes that bridge together product knowledge, system capabilities and technical experiences for the following brands:

Transparent Service

We measure your satisfaction continuously and work constantly towards improving your Support Experience. We have made sure that we track everything — from making it easy for you to get in touch, to tracking how long it takes us to resolve your issues, to keeping you fully up-to-date and happy with how we’ve helped enhance your IT operations.

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