APM Software

Application Performance Management Software manages and monitors the performance of all your software applications. Used to boost the level of service, the APM tracks transaction times, user experience and network infrastructure.
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End-user Monitoring

Access APM to gain deep visibility and monitor components of your web applications and its performance from an end-user perspective. This unique feature allows you to see through your consumers' view and test applications to better enhance the customer experience.

Measure Application Runtime

Track and measure the response time taken by each application. Identify and isolate bottlenecks through the software’s compiled analytics and continue to observe until the persisting issues are resolved and performance increases.

User-defined Transaction Profiling

Also known as Business Transaction Management, it enables you to track the flow of transaction within the IT framework and can alert or detect unexpected changes within business conditions. Fix slow web transactions by catching method traces & slow SQL statements executed during the transactions.  

Application Component Monitoring

Monitor and analyze all errors over a selected period of time and immediately respond before any disruption on the end-user side. Quickly manage number of requests handled and gain complete visibility on application server performance.

IT Operation Analysis

The APM software comes with its own reporting and analysis tool. It can give detailed statistics on data usage, database calls and on overall performance. The analysis tool boosts the capabilities of all the other features in the software.

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