Power Distribution Unit

Power Distribution Units, also known as Rack PDUs, deliver the customization and protection capabilities needed within a rack.
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Administration Simplified

Today's Rack PDUs support mass configuration and update, which makes the time required for administration a minimum. Upgrades, which occur frequently in today's dynamic IT environments, can be implemented quickly, efficiently and with minimal risk of error.

Real-Time Status

Rack PDUs have integrated displays that can be rotated to suit the installation orientation and show key information, such as alarms, right on the device. Thus, the operation of the Power System can be checked in a glance, becoming an important aid to rapid detection and correction of faults.

Brands that offer Power Distribution Unit Solutions

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Convenient and Flexible

Easy-to-install and offer a choice of mounting positions. They are light in weight yet robust in quality. The aluminum chassis dispels heat and provides excellent ground conductivity.

Additional Cooling

There is higher temperature in the rack enclosures due to the trend of using less cooling. Older Rack PDUs may not be able to cope and make it necessary to provide additional cooling, but new generation PDUs can work continuously up to 140°F.

Energy Conservation

Rack PDUs can provide energy monitoring right down to socket level, this means users can quickly determine exactly where energy is being used and ensure that rogue hardware consuming more energy is quickly identified. Accurate metering also simplifies load balancing and reveals locations where there's spare power capacity.

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