Table Management

This system manages reservations and seating, and captures guest history. This allows a central reservation office to take reservations for all of the restaurants at a property. It's a commission-free online reservation system with great ease in the usage from the guest point of view as well as from the organizations point of view.
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Ease of Work

A graphical display shows each restaurant's floor layout, with an icon for each table, making guest-seating a simple procedure. The system automatically analyses which tables for you to use for walk-ins and shows the reserved tables and when. Also with different view styles, you can set the style your guests are most comfortable with.

Table Reservation Levels

The tables available for reservations can be set to different levels for each weekday. Overrides allow you to change the inventory for special dates, events or promotions. This can be a useful tool to block the restaurant exclusively for privately held events or to have a controlled reservation procedure during peak hours.

Brands that offer Table Management Solutions

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Seating Arrangements

The application displays a list of guests which are sorted by those due for arrival, those already arrived but waiting to be seated and those who are already seated. Various viewing options are available and the user can select from table plan view, grid view, running order view etc. The intuitive layout gives it a real feel.

Group Reservations

Group Central Reservations allows you to view all the reservations in all of your venues on one screen. It allows you to check real time availability and shared guest profiles and preferences across multiple sites and multiple databases from your entire group to fit your marketing needs.

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