Electronic Fund Transfer Interface

Electronic Fund Transfer Interface enables guests to pay electronically instead of checks or wire transfers. EFT interface allows Hotels to automate the manual procedures used for authorizing and settling payments using their credit/debit cards.
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Authorization at Check-in

Authorization for a set amount on Guest Credit Card can be done during the check-in. The authorization amount is calculated by the rules of the PMS and is blocked by the bank for settlement.


Any authorized Top-up required can be done using this feature. This feature is also available during night audit. Top-ups are required if the guest folio balance has grown beyond the authorized amount.

Brands that offer Electronic Fund Transfer Interface Solutions

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Settlement at Checkout

Final folio amount is sent to the bank for settlement against the authorized amount during checkout.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

DCC is a currency conversion that is done on a foreign credit card. Hotels receive money in local currency while DCC converts and shows amount in local as well as foreign currency in Guest Bill.

Receipt Printing

Credit Card receipt can be printed on the guest folio in the required format. Transaction details and the DCC amount can be printed along with the guest folio details.

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