Minibar Interface

Minibar system is an innovative and electronically designed system to manage, report and post minibar sales to Guest accounts. Automatic minibar systems offer a number of advantages, including efficiency, cost savings and reduction in disputes. Minibar interface helps to record the sales and provide guest access permissions without guest intervention
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Door Control

Minibar door access can be activated during Guest check-in. Access to the minibar can be deactivated upon guest checkout. Housekeeping can access Minibar using special access keys.

Door Bar / Unbar

Manual Door access for Minibar can be managed for an occupied or vacant guest room. This feature lets hotel restrict Minibar access in set rooms for particular guests.

Brands that offer Minibar Interface Solutions

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Minibar Postings

Minibar charges received from vendor system will be automatically posted to Guest Folio. Minibars have motion sensors and scales built in for sending the charges of purchase automatically to interface.

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