Point of Sale Interface

Point Of Sale Interface offers to integrate PMS with various POS solutions in order to post F&B charges from the outlets. This interface also allows items sold in POS to be recorded on PMS revenue reports.
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Guest Enquiry

Guest details such as VIP level, Company name, Check-in date, Checkout date, payment type can be retrieved in the F&B outlet by querying Room No. / Guest Name. Any special guest related comments also can be viewed which will be helpful for the user.

Room, Cash & Credit Card Payments

Room Guest bills from F&B outlets can be posted to the Guest room folios. Cash and credit card postings are tracked in PMS in separate pay master folios. AR postings for member guests can be posted straight to guest account receivables.

Brands that offer Point of Sale Interface Solutions

Discover the various Brands and the relationship we have with them to better understand the solutions we can provide together.

Guest Credit Limit Check

Postings can be controlled for any particular guest based on Credit Limit configured in the PMS. Hotels can set the limit on maximum amount of Folio balance. Option is available to override credit limit upon certain permissions.

Posting Based on Itemizers

Sales from F&B outlets can be registered in the PMS based on Sales itemizers configured in the POS systems. This helps to segregate revenue in itemizers like Food, Beverage and Miscellaneous. Tips and Discounts can also be tracked on a separate account code.

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