Telephone PABX CAS Interface

Telephone PABX CAS Interface can track and manage Guest and Admin telephone calls. It integrates PMS with PABX or Call Accounting system to provide automated telephone communication services in guest rooms. Guest telephone charges and PMS related PABX features are handled by the interface.
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Guest Check-in / Checkout

Telephone lines in guest rooms can be activated during check-in and lines can be deactivated upon checkout. Guest information from PMS, required for TMS system will be sent during check-in.

Telephone Charges

Telephone Interface calculates charges based on pulse units sent by the telephone provider or post charges calculated by CAS. It also extracts pulse unit from the raw CDR string send by PABX.

Brands that offer Telephone PABX CAS Interface Solutions

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Telephone Line Bar / Unbar

Manual Bar / Unbar of telephone lines can be managed for an occupied or vacant guest room. This feature helps to charge outgoing telephone calls for a particular guest and helps to make changes in Class of service for guest extension.

Guest Name Display

Guest Name information are provided to TMS system to display on the telephone console. This feature will help users identify and greet guest when a call arrives onto an admin extension. Displaying extra information on the console along with guest name is also possible.

Wakeup Calls

Guests have the option to setup wake up calls from their hotel room. The telephone operator can conduct wakeup calls for their guests thanks to this interface. Options are available for both creating and cancelling wakeup calls.

Room Status

Housekeeping users can change the status of the room from clean, dirty and inspected using the room telephone. This feature will help save time for Hotels updating their housekeeping status.

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