Access Layer

Access Layer is our local and remote layer that is providing access to different services like workgroups and WAN connectivity.
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Load Balancing

The Access Layer typically constitutes many switches interconnected on a specific floor or an entire department within a building. The same network connection can handle all data which can be moved from one network to another to perform load balancing.

MAC Address Filtering

Each access device can serve hundreds of users, however it is possible to program a switch to allow only certain systems to access the connected LANs. Typically, virtual LANs (VLANs) are implemented to separate broadcast domains on the Access Layer.

Brands that offer Access Layer Solutions

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Scalable Collision Domains

In the Access Layer, one has the ability to expand or contract collision domains using a repeater, hub, or standard switch. Separate collision domains can be created for each connected node to improve performance.

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