Software-Defined Networking

SDN uses a set of network technology to provide flexibility in network regulation. SDN allows you to split network control by separating the control plane from the forwarding plane so that you can command and observe multiple devices.
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Accelerate Application Distribution

Directly programmed network control provides agility and flexibility to you which in turn allows speedy deployment of applications within the network. The central control management guaranteeing an appropriate network distribution also helps.

Shape Network Traffic

Network administrators can now direct traffic within the network from a centralized console, delivering services when required without having to worry about any devices the server is connected to. Control switches can also be automated.

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Enhance Cloud Computing

Administrators can even set network switch rules as and when they wish, based on prioritizing certain packets over others. Admins can also choose to block certain packets therefore exercising a very deep level of network control which can be very useful in a cloud computing multi-user environment.

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