Inventory Management

The Food & Beverage Inventory Management is an enterprise solution that helps your business optimize their stock and simplify workflow management to maintain inventories in a cost-effective manner.
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Control Prices, Boost Profit

Inventory management solution provides operational features that capture all influences on price as a result of which you'll be able to measure and analyze full profit across the menu. It also provides user access to real-time data and cost controls to streamline processes and increase profits.

Optimize Stock Levels with Forecasts

The Suggested Ordering feature helps define ideal order quantities based on various metrics. You can manually input quantities, set a Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR) level for every item and then replenish quantities as they are used.

Brands that offer Inventory Management Solutions

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Recipe Management for Maximum Profitability

Knowing the cost, and so the profitability, of the items on your menu is essential to a successful F&B operation. Maintain recipes centrally by ensuring that all locations have accurate ingredients with up-to-date preparation instructions and specifications.

Automated Receiving for Financial Control

It enables purchase managers to efficiently handle product receiving and delivery approval. The system recalls the order created during the ordering process, allowing item-by-item verification. Storekeeper can easily identify variances between ordered and received.

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