Labor Management

We offer an enterprise based Food and Beverage Labor Management module that centralizes employee management, improves staffing levels and helps control the cost of labor.
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Centrally Onboard Staff Analysis

Provides a quick and easy method of creating a centralized schedule fully capable of accurately staffing the correct people for the right day of the week. It also computes the staffing requirements needed to develop a method for determining future scheduling needs.

Time-clock Enforcement to Increase Accountability

Enterprise Time and Attendance module built into the POS system ensures that employee login and working hours are monitored at any given time. This detail can be used to feed the payroll system and to provide labor cost that simplifies the payroll process.

Brands that offer Labor Management Solutions

Discover the various Brands and the relationship we have with them to better understand the solutions we can provide together.

Manage Payroll

This is a comprehensive feature comprised of payroll pre-processing, time card management and labor periods. Payroll Pre-Processing can manage the frequency by which your employees get paid and establish payroll periods.

Maximize Profits and Guest Satisfaction

F&B operators must focus on planning schedules and managing staff in a way that meets both budget and guest needs. Labor Management helps you to simplify the management of staff in order to optimize schedules while keeping control of costs.

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