Loss Prevention

The Loss Prevention is a set of practices employed by F&B and retail companies to preserve profit. Profit preservation is any business activity specifically designed to reduce preventable losses.
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Identify, Track and Respond

Loss prevention captures & sorts POS transaction data which allows you to 'Spot Problem Transactions' and/or 'Spot Problem Patterns and Trends' identify the issue and respond.

Prevent Inventory Shrinkage and Fraud

Analyze data by location, revenue center, and manager/employee transaction levels to avoid possible shrinkage. There is a specialized data mart that uses advanced techniques to detect and monitor Loss Prevention issues.

Brands that offer Loss Prevention Solutions

Discover the various Brands and the relationship we have with them to better understand the solutions we can provide together.

Identify Fraud Incidents

Works quickly and efficiently, using exception based reporting methods to easily identify, track and respond to location events - everything from voids and employee meals to closing reopened checks and automatically sending alerts to investigators or other designated personnel.

Reduce Food, Labor and Variable Costs

Loss Prevention will have an immediate impact on profitability, operational efficiency and employee productivity by simplifying the work process and enhancing better customer experience. Most food service companies see 100% ROI in less than a year.

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