Cashiering System

Post guest and passer-by charges, make posting adjustments, manage advance deposits, settlements, checkout and folio printing by using the Cashiering System. It accommodates multiple payment methods per reservation including cash, check, credit cards and direct bill.
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Cashier ID

A unique Cashier ID is linked with each user name which keeps a track of all financial transactions posted by the user. This security feature makes each user accountable for the postings and payments performed on that given business day.

Guest Folios

All guest charges are posted to one or more folios once the guest is in-house. We use the term 'window', an alternative name for folios because when you view a guest folio on the screen, you are able to tile multiple folios to appear like windows.

Brands that offer Cashiering System Solutions

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Multiple Windows

Guests may have a maximum of eight windows in their guest folio, which can be viewed, printed or billed separately. Multiple folios are required when closing charges to Direct Bill. All kinds of postings can be moved from one window to the other by simple drag and drop.

Quick Checkout

The Quick Checkout feature allows you to manage multiple departures at one time. This is particularly useful when clearing departures at the end of the shift or for a mass group departure. The Quick Checkout feature works for individual departures as well as multiple departures at one time.

Deposit / Cancellation Rules

Typically, deposits requested on reservations have stipulations which require the guest to pay the amount prior to arrival. Similarly, cancellations on reservation may have penalties if they are not cancelled within a certain period of time. With the Deposit/Cancellation feature, you can manage both requirements and penalties from one location.

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