Concierge System

Concierge function is mainly for monitoring and tracking guest luggage, parcel, lost item receipt, storage and delivery. It supports valet operations of tracking and managing the parking activities and various vehicle logistics.
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Valet Tickets

For valet tickets, a unique ticket number is assigned to each vehicle. Open/pending and closed/resolved statuses are assigned in order to distinguish those that valet actions which require some task to be performed. It can distinguish between the open status from closed; thus it is possible to immediately gather the lists of vehicles that require some action.

Dashboard Features

Dashboard brings together the most-used features of 'Track It' and may be used as a jumping off point for other related activities. Extensive search criteria assist you in locating the ticket numbers you're interested in. Also, you'll be able to create and edit tickets, associate or un-associate reservations with tickets and access reservation details among other options.

Brands that offer Concierge System Solutions

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