Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS) simplifies file sharing among multiple users that are connected to a network that allows storage and retrieval of data from a centralised location for authorised network users.
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Multiple Users

Multiple users sharing the same network can access common files due to Network Attached Storage. Enterprises no longer need to have hundreds of discrete file servers that have to be separately configured and maintained.

Great Accessibility

You can store and access files from any computer as long as they are on the same network. Thus, data is constantly accessible, making it possible to collaborate and respond to your customers in a timely fashion, promptly follow-up on sale orders or any arising problems since all your information is in one place.

Brands that offer Network Attached Storage Solutions

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Reduces Workload

Network Attached Storage acts as a standard platform for administrators to store all files and documents. It stores a huge amount of data within a short span of time allowing the company to retrieve even old-dated files very easily. It facilitates fast communication between the computer, printer, scanner, etc. thus saving time and reducing workload.

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