Tower Servers

A Tower Server is a computer intended to be used as a server, which provides the ability to effectively connect a network of computers, making it a vital part of many modern offices.
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Simple Structure

Tower Servers are built in an upright cabinet, similar in size and shape to the cabinet for a tower-style personal computer. They're not mounted to a wall or any other structure. Rather, they stand alone and support themselves. They do not typically need their own 'server room' on-site.

Cost Effective

Tower servers additionally provide an economical server solution, beginning at a value equivalent to a personal computer. Should strong business growth drive a need for additional resources, they can be simply installed and converted to rack-mount servers with an applicable conversion kit.

Brands that offer Tower Servers Solutions

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Tower Servers have a number of inputs. So it is extremely easy to add more and more servers to an existing network due to the design of the tower, it is convertible to the extent that new additions are often integrated easily as and when your network demands it.

Easier Cooling

Tower Servers cool down a lot easier than rack mounted ones, because the overall component density is fairly low. This prevents overheating or any other potential damage to the system. Resulting in eventual downtime avoidance.

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