Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure empowers you to work from your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone - wherever you are on the globe.
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Reduced Cost and Hardware

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure provides more effective use of centralized computing capacity by harnessing the power of server pools that are unseen to the end-user. As a result, there is a diminished need to purchase new hardware and the additional associated software, licensing, and support.

Security and Compliance

Servers can now be locked down and secured in a more manageable manner, with less risk to local desktop vulnerabilities. Administrators can provide central security policies that apply to all users and minimize the malware footprint, should there be an infection.

Brands that offer Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions

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Patch Management

Patches and software updates can be distributed in a simplified manner with VDI, as there is no need to manage the individual deployment to each unique computer. It can also occur from a centralized management console. Updates need not be solely to desktop PCs, but also include mobile devices and thin clients.

Increased Mobility and Remote Access

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure provides the ability to access desktop from remote locations, and from varied devices. For remote and mobile workers who do not really have a fixed work location, this feature proves essential.

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